MCC corrects its own 'mistake' on issuing Khata

Last Updated 18 March 2011, 16:48 IST

However, thanks to the timely intervention of area Corporator B L Bhyrappa, the khatha is declared null and void, clearing the hurdles related to reclaiming the land.


This came to fore at the council meeting held at Mysore City Corporation (MCC) here on Friday.

Bhyrappa, who had brought the anomaly to the notice of the higher ups in one of the previous meetings, sought to know from the Mayor Sandesh Swamy about the follow up action.

The mayor informed the council that, taking cognisance of the complaint, the Commissioner K S Raykar had instructed Council Secretary Gayathri to investigate into the issue.

Accordingly, the designated officer carried out a detailed investigation and submitted a report that the piece of land is still owned by the government.


Following instructions from the mayor, Gayathri who was also present at the meeting informed that-according to the sketch in the records available with the civic body when Nachahanalli Palya was handed over to MCC from the respective Gram Panchayat way back in 1998, the piece of land measuring 22 gunta is ‘oni jaga’ (passage), that belongs to the district administration i.e., government.

The khata has been cancelled and the office of the deputy commissioner has been apprised of, urging the latter to take back the land into its possession, the officer added.

Bhyrappa in his complaint had argued that three private parties had records claiming the ownership of land measuring 500 feet including that piece of land.

Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) had issued no objection certificate (NOC), while MCC had issued khatha.

Bhyrappa demanded action against the erring officers who aided the outsiders walk away with with this piece of land, incurring loss to the local body, had the anomaly been kept under wraps. In such cases, the ultimate sufferers are the people, who buy sites, only to lose the property later at a point when the illegal act is detected.

Bhyrappa cited the example of Ashraya Houses, that were recently forfeited by the district administration.

Adding voice to the fellow corporator’s concern, leader of the opposition H S Nandeesh Preetham demanded the mayor to pass a resolution ordering for the cancellation of all such khatha issued from MCC.

(Published 18 March 2011, 16:48 IST)

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