Girl's death leaves villagers in a state of shock

Girl's death leaves villagers in a state of shock

The disheartened mother crying before the body of her daughter Supreetha who was killed by a wild elephant in Neerugunda village near Somwarpet on Wednesday.

The death of the most active girl of the village, who had also carved a niche in the school, has literally left the villagers in utter shock. At a time when the villagers were yet to recover from the previous death news due to wild elephant menace, the attack of wild elephants on the school going children given an additional shock to the village people.

Supreetha, who was supposed to attend her cousin’s wedding on Wednesday afternoon, had promised the family of attending the marriage soon after finishing the exam that noon. But the fate had something else for her in store and she had to return back as dead, living behind her family in complete shock.  

Life at stake

With four death cases in this part of the region due to the wild elephant attack, the life of the villagers is at stake. Despite the rise in the death toll, it is disappointing to note the government’s continued lethargic attitude in finding a permanent solution to the problem.

“The government washes its hand by giving some meagre amount of monetary compensation. But, could the life of human weighed just like that?” question the villagers.

The villagers claim the reason for the elephant menace on the illicit liquor transaction in the region. “The elephants which drink the illicit liquor act crazily and create all sorts of mess in the villages. The elephant menace could be controlled to some extent if the illicit liquor production and transaction is banned,” suggests a villager.

Deputy Conservator of Forest Prasanna Kumar said, a team has been formed to drive away the elephants in the region. “We will look into the matter and try to find a permanent solution in the days to come,” he informed.