Citizen's Woes

Citizen's Woes

Repair drainages immediately

The residents of Jeppu (Majila) area, near Ramanna Compound are living in squalor literally. A total of three drainage pipelines must have been blocked and the sewage is gushing out of the manhole, out on the roads, causing foul smell in the region.

The sewage which has been collected on the road has been causing great inconvenience to the local residents as well as the passersby. This condition persisting here may cause diseases too. 

When the issue was brought to the notice of the Corporation authorities, as expected they answered that such things are common during rainy season and it will be all right automatically once the rains subside, after September!

Are the Mangalore City Corporation authorities ready to take the blame on themselves if something major happens before September?

K P A Rahim, Jeppu-Majila

What a Chakravyuha

Concrete works are going on at Kankanady, Balmatta, Bendur, Bejai, Konchadi etc, which is a positive sign as the local administration has the duty to provide good infrastructure to us. But unfortunately, this should be planned effectively and developmental works should not be executed at least the way it is being done here. The entire process of laying good road has made Mangalore city look like a ‘Chakravyuha’.

The roads are closed or blocked at some places and at many places where the construction commodities are dumped, the roads are left not in a position to be used. In such a case, the drivers and riders are compelled to go all round the city finding way to reach their destination. They are spending more time and money for travelling than never before.

Further, no caution boards are installed to warn the riders about the condition of the road.

It is better to stop taking new works and concentrate on completing pending works.

J F D’Souza, Attavar

Join hands to utilise JNNURM funds

It is happy to learn from the press reports and also from MLA Yogish Bhat that Union Government has already sanctioned Rs 2,000 crores under JNNURM for infrastructure development of areas under Mangalore City Corporation.

Our City fathers, MLAs, MP and District-in-charge Minister should join together and prepare a plan to see to it that the amount is put to its best use for the development of our City.

People of Mangalore would be happy if the following schemes are included under the plan if not already done.

Construction of well equipped Govt General Hospital in Mangalore North area. The present Wenlock Hospital is very old and far away for the people living in the north of Mangalore.

Secondly providing underground drainage facility for the whole area of MCC wherever it is not available at present, construction of hanging bridge from Sultan Battery to Bengre across Gurpur river, repair of overbridges at Kulur and Baikampady and its maintenance, beautification of entrance at the main gate of Panambur harbour, concrete approach roads to Mangalore City Railway Station from Hampankatta circle and also road to Mangalore Junction Station, Konchady-Malemar road, providing new parks to Mangalore Northern areas on the lines of Kadri Park including upkeep and beautification of Radio Gudde park in Urwa Stores area, maintaining cleanliness in Bengre, sanctioning of new libraries, construction of new gallery at Mangala Stadium and laying of new synthetic turf which is long standing demand.

Sukumar Talpady

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