Difficult to match 'Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe

Difficult to match 'Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe is all set to say goodbye to the wizard boy with the release of the final movie later this year but the actor wants to continue working as an actor and be recognised for the same, Contactmusic reported.

"My aim is hopefully just continuing to work as much as I can. Obviously I'll never be in anything with the commercially success that 'Harry Potter' has but then again neither will anyone else," the actor said.

Radcliffe is currently living in New York and will take on the lead role in musical 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' on Broadway from March 27.

He initially had reservations about singing in the production but he has now come to adore his musical numbers.

"I love singing, I started having lessons when I was in the play 'Equus' because I had to sing the Milky Bar theme tune and I was getting it wrong.

"I love my singing teacher, he's a fantastic guy so the singing was just something I've put a lot of work into."