Shoot at sight order at Roing area of Lower Dibang valley

Shoot at sight order at Roing area of Lower Dibang valley

The district administration had issued a 'shoot at sight order' to the paramilitary forces operating within the district, the sources said.

On Thursday night, houses in two villages near Jia, namely Ithili and Idili, were reportedly ransacked and properties looted along with burning down of shops and slaughtering of domesticated animals.

The incident occurred when a large number of armed miscreants descended  on the villages and  created havoc.

There are also reports of damage to some shops and looting of goods in the district headquarters town of Roing during the same hour.

DIG(E) Robin Hibu had air-dashed to Roing yesterday to take stock of  the situation.
However, additional deployment has also been dispatched from various parts of the state as there was stand off between All Idu Mishmi Students'Union (AIMSU) and Dibang Adi Students' Union (DAMSU) over the hunting issue.

It is being reported that around 2000 army personnel have been called  in to aid the police in maintaining law and order.

At Anini, headquarters of Dibang Valley, a peace procession was carried  out by the All Idu Mishmi Students’ Union (AIMSU), Dibang Valley  Students’ Union (DVSU) and Government employees, calling for an  amicable solution through round table negotiations, instead of arms and violence.

Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy yesterday urged Defence Minister A K  Antony for immediate deployment of 82 Mountain Brigade to tackle the deteriorating situation in Lower Dibang Valley HQs Roing following  continuing clashes between two communities.

Meanwhile, the Dibang Adi Students’ Union today said it would continue its economic blockade if two persons involved in firing at two students are not immediately arrested and the people of Chidu-Kebali do not apologize for humiliating three persons who were on their way to a hunting expedition.