You need two to make it complete

You need two to make it complete

Jason Bateman in the film The Switch.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman play good friends Kassie and Wally who have shared their moments of joy and trials for years.But, when Kassie informs Wally she is planning to have a baby on her own with a donated sperm, Wally is not sure he can digest it. So, he gets drunk at a party celebrating Kassie’s decision and makes that momentous ‘switch’ in the toilet.

The movie then leaps to the seventh year when Wally meets Kassie with a child who would redefine their relationship.

The Switch is not a great movie; it lacks inspiration. There is no sense of attachment to the storyline. We have seen Aniston in similar situations in most of her films. In this she is again a woman who must be awakened to see the beauty of falling in love.To her rescue come her co-stars Bateman and Jeff Goldblum. Both are funny and amusing. Corny moments look better with Bateman around.

Despite the subject being popular these days with many women going the single parent way, The Switch cannot turn on the USP of a movie filled with stereotypes and sugar-coated plot.