Students' bid to save man fails

Students' bid to save man fails

Victim of a fall dies, even as youths tried to get him treated

Srinivas (40), a daily wage worker, was attending a memorial service at a building in Vapasandra in the city, when he strayed to the edge of the terrace, lost his balance and fell to the ground. He sustained serious injuries on his head.

Four students of the government first grade college, who were returning after attending an NSS programme, noticed an injured Srinivas lying on the ground bleeding, with none coming to his help.

Finding him moaning, the students administered water to him and called 108 for an ambulance. But the ambulance was late in coming. The students then rushed Srinivas to the district government hospital.

The doctors at the hospital suggested that Srinivas’ condition warranted treatment at the Nimhans in Bangalore.

The students, G K Sanjay Kumar, D B Rajashekhara Gowda, Arun Roa and K Y Puneeth Kumar then tried to arrange for an ambulance to take Srinivas to Nimhans in Bangalore.
“After repeated appeals to the doctors and staff, a 108 ambulance was arranged after an hour and half. The ambulance would take Srinivas only up to Chikkajala, where another ambulance would take the injured man to Nimhans.

The students took the injured Srinivas in the ambulance to Chikkajala. The ambulance that was supposed to be awaiting them at Chikkajala was nowhere to be seen. After much delay, the ambulance arrived and the students managed to take Srinivas to Nimhans.

But to no avail. Even at Nimhans, it took some time before Srinivas would be attended to. By that time, it was late. Srinivas died of heavy loss of blood and severe injuries.

“If only the ambulance at the district hospital had been available immediately, we could have saved a life,” the quartet rue.