Parents halt school's fee hike

Parents halt school's fee hike

The school not only hiked the tuition fee by 3,600, it also sought Rs 7,000 more under various heads (fees for computers, exams, sports, laboratory, ID card, newspaper in education, etc). Further, it demanded Rs 3,000 as development fund.

Scores of parents, agitated over the school’s “unilateral” move to increase the fee from Rs 14,200 to Rs 25,785, staged a demonstration outside the school. Parents were required to pay the sum in one go.


According to A R Ashok Kumar Adiga, President of the Bangalore School Parents’ Association, the school retracted after the protest.

Initially, however, the school had resisted demands to withdraw the hike. But parents were determined to have their say.

While the school promised it won’t collect “anything more” from children of protesting parents, it wants others to pay the increased fee.