'I consider myself from labour class'

'I consider myself from labour class'

Menial Task

HUMBLE Shah Rukh Khan“I consider myself from labour class as I like to maintain an active lifestyle. I like to work all day round and when it is taken away, it affects me mentally. And that has percolated down to my family... as a result, everyone in my house also becomes sad,” said Shah Rukh while speaking at a media conclave.

The actor has been dealing with a problematic back for a long time which has slowed him down.

Shah Rukh says he enjoys sharing his life with his fans as he has worked hard to achieve where he stands today. “All my life I have worked so that I can be recognised. I want thousands of people to scream my name out. I want girls and youngsters to tear my clothes. I have worked very hard to achieve this, then I find it very stupid when I see stars hiding their faces.”

“I want to be disturbed and troubled by people for as many years possible. I want to be remembered as 'he tried and he tried very hard',” he added.