'UPCL better than RTPS'

'UPCL better than RTPS'

The coal based power plant only option to save from power cuts: Acharya

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the Pa. Go Award ceremony organised by DK Working Journalists’ Association in Mangalore Press Club on Sunday, Dr Acharya strongly defended the UPCL, by stating that there is no other alternative method of electricity generation except the thermal power project.

“Power is generated by burning the coal across the world. I do not understand the reason behind the people considering coal burning as a sin. When we cannot afford to produce enough electricity by hydro and nuclear power projects, what is wrong is resorting to coal based thermal power project?” he questioned.

Placing forth two options, he asked whether the people are ready to face power cuts without any hue and cry or prefer to get enough power generated by UPCL. 

Unit II to be commissioned

Currently, 600 MW power is generated in Unit 1 and is supplied to Karnataka State and the Unit II will be commissioned within one and a half months, he informed. Comparing Udupi Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) to Raichur Thermal Ppower Station (RTPS) of Raichur he said, the side effects of UPCL are very less as the plant has Flue Gas De-sulpurisation (FGD) unit while the RTPS lacked the system.

“What ever has to be done should be done with the right earnest,” he said and affirmed that UPCL will overcome the initial hic-ups in a near future.

Netravati river diversion

Speaking about the Netravati river diversion project, he said the project does not intend to divert the river, but it only plans to flow the waste rainwater from Western Ghats region to Chitradurga and Tumkur through rainwater harvesting. The project requires only 1/10th amount of the annual rainfall of Western Ghats for the purpose. It would also reduce the flood in this region, he said.