Computerised film tickets to glam up movie watching

Computerised film tickets to glam up movie watching


But, the fact remains that whenever there is a new release, especially that of big stars, people are hesitant to throng theatres — fearing serpentine queue to buy tickets. It’s only in the case of few movies that theatres opt for advance booking, to avoid chaos. Yet, for every person who enthusiastically makes it to theatre ‘first day, first show’, there are many who would have opted otherwise.

Taking cognisance of the obvious travails and in a bid to make the process of film watching lot more fun, the film exhibitors here are planning to incorporate technology- computerised ticketing - to enable the cine lovers book tickets on a regular basis.

To study the pros and cons before going for it, two prominent theatres in the city- Gayathri and Sangam- will be equipped with the new technology, on a pilot basis, that is expected to begin from May.

Disclosing this to Deccan Herald, M R Rajaram, secretary of Mysore Film Exhibitors Association, and also a partner of ‘Gayathri’, said that the new facility will enable the cinegoers to book tickets for 28 shows (four shows in each of seven days in a week) in advance, making Mysore first in the State to go for it. Though the multiplexes have successfully adopted the change, single theatres had been dithering to embrace it. And, to make it a possibility, a trial run is conceived, Rajaram added.

How does it work?

Elaborating on the functioning, the exhibitor said, if a person intends to book ticket one day in advance, all he/ she has to do is book the ticket, during the work hours, at the theatre itself, by paying ` five extra per ticket fare, irrespective of classes.  However, when compared to multiplexes, where the fare will be refunded only if the show is cancelled, here the amount will be returned even if they (those who have purchased in prior) cancel the tickets.

Another feature is-from a minimum of one to maximum of eight tickets will be issued. Apart from benefiting the audience, it also helps check selling of tickets in black and keep tab on the sales.

The software is developed in such a way that, the daily record of the tickets booked per show will be dispatched in the form of e-mail to a given ID.