Tri-Valley issue: Telugu group to protest outside White House

Tri-Valley issue: Telugu group to protest outside White House

The organisation has given a call for a march to the White House. The protesters will gather at Lafayette Park across the White House to draw attention of the US officials, so that the victims of California's Tri-Valley University get relief from the US government, said a NATS statement Monday.

According to NATS president Ravi Madala, the society has obtained the necessary permission to organise the protest peacefully.

Indian parliamentarian Lagadapati Rajagopal of the Congress party will also take part in the protest.

Rajagopal, who represents Vijayawada in the Lok Sabha, along with the representatives of NATS and victims of the Tri-Valley University will call on Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar March 28 and submit a memorandum seeking support for the students, the statement said.
Over 1,500 students, majority of them from Andhra Pradesh, were duped by the sham university based in California. The fraud came to light only after the US authorities raided it in January.

The issue became a major controversy after the students were radio-tagged by US immigration authorities.