A platform for innovation

A platform for innovation


The campus of East Point Group of Institutions was a hive of activity during the State-level fest called Srishti 2011 which was held recently. 

This inter-collegiate fest saw huge participation by 30 colleges from across the State.
Addressing the students, R Venkatram, Director of East Point Research Academy said, “This fest was planned with the theme Executing Dreams which is quite relevant in the present day and age. Science and technology has given us various tools to explore
and exploit the different resources at our disposal, but it depends on us to make use of this.”

He urged the students to make use of all the opportunities that come their way and to use every aspect of their education and specialisation towards social responsibility.

Roopa T N, Director of East Point Group of Institutions, said, “The objective behind this fest was to give the students a platform to interact with their peers. In the present world, it is imperative for them to be aware of the changing trends. Through this fest, we aim to bring about a synergy in the educational system.”

This fest, which is the first-of-its-kind, in the college.

The one-day event was aimed to test the managerial skills of the students and their ability to handle stress in various situations.

The event Ice Breaker gave the students from the various colleges a chance to showcase their innovation and creativity in introducing themselves to the crowd.

Apart from this, five commerce-related events were conducted wherein the participating teams were given real-life cases to solve.

Janasammarda, which was a Human Resource event, concentrated on the skills of the students to effectively deal with problems faced by people in an organisation.

In the event Vipanikriya, the teams had to vie against each other to come up with a suitable marketing strategy to advertise the products given to them.

Dravya was a finance-related event and brought the analytical skills to the fore. Prashamjncha, the business quiz, tested the IQ of the students.

Varenya — the Best Manager was an event with many rounds. The preliminary round was the role-acting one called Pick and Speak.

Every participant was given a topic and two minutes to prepare and he or she had to enact it on the spot.

In addition to this, the participants had to showcase their business acumen with financial plans and business strategies to be awarded the title of the Best Manger.

As a culmination of the day-long fest, the students of the college gave a cultural performance.