Keeping the surroundings clean

Keeping the surroundings clean


filthy stretches Most roads and public places in the City have become dumping grounds.

Be it littering, spitting, throwing paper and plastic waste on the streets and lanes — we are oblivious to everything! All this despite civic awareness being the need of the hour.

Says an official from the BBMP, “As of now, there is no policy by the BBMP to control littering. Unlike foreign countries, there is no provision under the Karnataka Municipality Corporation Act to impose fine on people for littering. Although there are garbage trucks and sweepers who clean the streets and lanes everyday, the general public must be conscious of not dirtying the surroundings.”

Ajay, a lecturer, blames it on the complacency of the public.

“Consumerism has creeped into our lives in such a way that we don’t even spare a thought for our environment. The carefree attitude of the people has led to a problem of this magnitude. Clean and green environment has to start from the grassroot level and this can only come from within.”

“The BBMP can install trash cans wherever required and must appeal to the public to use them instead of littering. The other option would be to privatise the whole process by outsourcing the installation of dustbins. They must at least motivate people to not litter and create an awareness on the same,” says Ojasvi B, a student.

Jayanthi, a homemaker, feels the only way to curb littering is by imposing penalty on those who litter.

“As educated people, we should have the basic sense to not litter our surroundings. The government should take up a strong initiative to make sure people don’t litter and impose a fine on those who do.”

“Ultimately this problem needs to be addressed in a pro-active way. People need to understand the gravity of the situation and realise that if not for us, nobody else can keep the surroundings clean. We must also control the urge to litter and develop an attitude that would help in keeping our environment clean and green,” sums up Karuna, a M Tech student.