Clad in symbolic colours

Clad in symbolic colours

Rainbow week

Enthusiastic : The week began with students sporting white clothes.The students of PES College, Hanumanthnagar celebrated Rainbow Week recently in a colourful way. 

Each day, the students came dressed in a particular colour and the campus was abuzz with photo sessions. The event was also their way of welcoming summer which is all about bright colours.

The celebrations started with white, a colour of simplicity and purity.

“Though it was called Rainbow Week, the event was not about coming dressed in rainbow colours. We wanted to symbolise different values and virtues by sporting
different colours. So, each colour specified a particular quality.”

“The second day of the celebrations was dedicated to the colour red, which symbolised energy and confidence,” said Sona Indurkar, one of the students.

The ‘red day’ was followed by green, orange, blue and black days.

“Normally, girls have almost all the colours in their wardrobe. But, we boys wear limited colours. So, we selected the colours which are common and used by all. Since the college doesn’t have a uniform, we  come in colour dresses every day. Still, we were highly enthusiastic about this event.

We boys hardly talk about clothes. But this time, we  discussed a lot about what we had worn and appreciated the students who come in great outfits,” said  Vignesh, another student.  

They didn’t forget to capture their mood on the camera.

Each day, they dedicated a fair amount of time for the photo sessions and got their pictures clicked at every nook and corner of the campus.

“We will be organising an inter-collegiate fest next month. So, the ‘Rainbow Week’ did not have any cultural activities. During the college fest, we are going to have fun again but in a bigger way,” says Vignesh.