'Stone age' facilities for cops on border checkpost

'Stone age' facilities for cops on border checkpost

In winter, it is biting cold. The basic facilities are a distant dream. At the same time, there is disruption in power supply. There is no facilities to cook food.

They have torn mats and a rug to sleep. This is not a scene from tribal colony. This is the regular life of those police who guard border at Maldare check post near Siddapura.

Barring the movement of vehicles from Kodagu to Mysore, the region is a typical ‘haadi’. The police who serve in the check post are not provided with any basic facilities. A shed has been constructed for the police to take rest. They can neither sit inside the shed nor stand outside the shed. Inspite of submitting memorandum to the higher authorities, the facilities have remained the same.

Maldare gate is situated 10 km from Siddapura. Maldare gate is the border between Kodagu and Mysore district. The police have to be vigilant here as the area is surrounded by the forest and illegal transportation of forest products, meat and other illegal activities are a regular feature on the border.

As Maldare check post is situated in a sensitive region, the check post requires modern facilities.

In fact, the Maldare gate provides connectivity to Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well. As the check post is situated in forest land, the development too is a distant dream.