Apathy mars Muguluvalli receiving station

Last Updated 22 March 2011, 16:51 IST

Chikmagalur Mescom division needs 25 mega watt electricity per minute. However, it gets only 14 to 16 mega watts. Hence, of the 10 feeders, one feeder faces the problem of load shedding.

Owing to the summer, with the three phase supply of electricity, pumpsets gets switched on for irrigating plantations in Malnad and plateu region. The sprinklers requires more electricity. Hence, there is low voltage problem in the region.

As electricity has to be supplied from Hassan transformer, there is more transmission loss.

According to Mescom, “there is no scheduled load shedding in the region. When we get message on shortage of power from Hassan station, we go for load shedding. In cities, there is one hour power cut in day time and one hour duirng the night.  In rural villages, the power is supplied for nine hours in three phase, nine hours in single phase. There is power cut for six hours a day.”

The Muguluvalli Receiving station will be charged by April 15. Once it gets charges, then the district will not face the problem of low voltage. However, there will be power cuts if there was any change in power production, says sources in Mescom.

Consumers speak

“Let them have power cuts. But, there is a need for scheduled power cuts. Now we have to wait for the whole day for the power. I have grown carrot in two acre land. By the time, I irrigate half of my field, the power goes off. By the time we get power, the already irrigated land will get dried. Let them announce the timings for the disruption in power supply,” says Shashidhar of Hiregowja.

On the other hand, Rakesh from Kalasapura said: “I go to Chikmagalur from a village for my school. Now the exams are fast approaching. Without power, it is difficult to read.”

(Published 22 March 2011, 16:51 IST)

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