Now, an application to delete drunken message on Facebook!

Now, an application to delete drunken message on Facebook!

The less-than two-pounds tool, called 'Last Night Never Happened', automatically deletes all embarrassing social network mesages over a set period by its user who posted them in a drunken state, 'The Sun' reported.

In fact, it has been designed to save boozers the humiliation of trawling through status updates, tweets, photos, comments and messages uploaded while half-cut.

Using the app is easy -- a user simply enters the time they started boozing, and it quickly deletes all posts from their Facebook and Twitter accounts since that time, say its developers.

Developed by 22Seeds, it can be downloaded from Apple's App Store.On their website '', the deveopers say, "We all get carried away sometimes and end up posting embarrassing tweets and photos of ourselves and our friends, forgetting that all of our Facebook and Twitter contacts can see them, family and potential employers included.
"Last Night Never Happened is the life-saving app that will help you avoid letting those posts spread on the internet and save you a lot of embarrassment."

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