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Tv Talk

Adorable creatures Adventurous : A scene from the show.

Animal Planet presents Penguin Safari With Nigel Marven on March 24 at 9 pm. There is always something exciting happening in the sub-Antarctic paradise.

Follow Nigel Marven in Penguin Safari With Nigel Marven who follows the penguin’s breeding, laying eggs and eventually feeding their newborn babies.

Ghosts of past

Her childhood haunts her and she comes across a bag full of memories. Out of this, there is a picture that gets her emotional — a picture that was captured during her forced marriage to a boy named Jagya.

Though unaware of the reality, Gauri puts the picture away in a hope to never cross paths with her past and the harsh truth. What will Gauri’s reaction be when she finds out that Jagya, the person who she is immensely in love with, is the same guy who has
humiliated her family?

Tune in to find out.

Battle of the best Enthusiastic : A scene from Survivor.

Survivor airs on BIG CBS Prime  every Thursday at 10 pm. This edition of Survivor will be a battle for the ages — literally. The 20 new castaways will be divided into two tribes of ten — Young vs Old.

The Espada Tribe, made up of individuals over the age of 40, must prove they have the life experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them outwit and outlast their younger competitors.

The La Flor Tribe, consisting of individuals 30 years of age and younger, will have to use their youth and vitality to outplay and ultimately outlast their elders. Who will prevail — the youngsters or the mature.

In the episode to be aired on March 24, one castaway’s kind gesture causes others to take notice and question his loyalty to the tribe, while Francesca settles into solitary life on Redemption Island and speculates who will join her next.