'The issue has been blown out of proportion'

'The issue has been blown out of proportion'

Mixed Reactions

'The issue has been blown out of proportion'

Calling shots : Basant Kumar Patil at the meeting. dh photo

The split in Kannada film industry is wide open. The decision by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) to ban actress Ramya for a year has evoked mixed response from the film industry.

While a section of the producers say that even if they want to cast Ramya the directors and cameramen will not cooperate, the actors say in unison that nobody has the ‘right to ban’ anybody. Directors too don’t want to take a chance and earn the wrath of the industry on the whole.

Many within the Kannada film industry say that the KFCC has taken the decision in a haste as both parties (Ramya and Ganesh) are in the wrong. No one can be singled out.

Producers too are divided on the issue. There is a section among the producers who believe that Ramya has a strong fan base and her films do well. Another section says that it is helpless because of the ban and will not be able to cast her.

Defying the ban, Rockline Venkatesh says he will definitely cast Ramya in his films. “Why mustn’t I cast Ramya? It’s my money and I decide where I want to invest it. I think a few like-minded people must sit down and solve this issue. The ban has been done in a haste,” reasons Rockline.

He adds, “This issue has been blown out of proportion.”

K Manju, another producer says, “It’s impossible to cast Ramya because the ban is total. Even if I want to cast her no director or technician will support me,” he observes.

Actors and directors think that nobody has the right to ‘ban’ anybody. They term KFCC’s act as ‘autocratic’ and ‘unfair’. They feel that the issue should have been dealt in a more mature manner. Puneeth Rajkumar feels that there’s a solution to every problem.

“Nobody has the right to ban anybody. It is such a small issue but it has been blown up. We’re a small family in the Kannada film industry and I don’t understand why things have got out of hand,” he says.

Radhika Pandit says she’s barely done ten films in the Kannada industry and it wouldn’t be fair to comment. But she thinks that “the truth must come out and justice must be met. I hope this is solved at the earliest.”

Preetham Gubbi, director of Johnny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam in which Ramya is cast opposite Vijay, says he never had a problem working with Ramya. “In fact Ramya always inspires people like me to write more scripts for her. She is an absolute professional. I think the whole issue has been blown out of proportion an the ban is rather rude on her (Ramya),” he observes.

Actor and director Prem also feels that the ban is unnecessary. “It only takes a few minutes to talk and solve things out. The issue has really divided the industry. That’s not done. Cinema is an art and we’re all artists. We must work towards making that art successful rather than get stuck in such issues,” he sums up.

‘I’m fed up’

I am exhausted!!. I am fed up. The ban is a joke, that’s all. I have other things to do at the moment rather than keep reacting to everything they say. Ambarish uncle and Rockline are there to solve it.” 

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