Omar renews appeal to separatists to talk to interlocutors

Last Updated 23 March 2011, 14:45 IST

"They (separatists) should come forward for talks with interlocutors. There is no need for them to surrender, no need to sign any documents (to hold talks with interlocutors)", Omar told the state Legislative Assembly.

Winding up the discussion on demands for grants for his departments, Omar said "you (separatists) have not to sign any agreement or paper. Come forward and hold talks. If you can freely say outside about Azadi, merger with Pakistan, Plebiscite, they should tell it to the interlocutors".

"They (interlocutors) have never said that they are not ready to listen to them. They have not laid any pre-condition", he said adding it (separatists point of view) would be registered in their report once they meet them and Centre will have to look over it.

Referring to the situation in the state, Omar said "Jammu and Kashmir should be engaged politically. It is a political society in the state which talks of their demands in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh".

"I presented this point of view before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. We are not thankless people. We get full benefit of the packages but the basic issue of Jammu and Kashmir is political in nature." The Chief Minister said that there can be different basis for governnace--like Autonomy, Self-Rule, 1975 Sheikh-Indira Accord, Constituent Assembly, Abrogation of Article 370, but it is all political in nature.

"That is why Interlocutors were appointed and talks were held," he said adding "I want one time settlement and not in piece meal. If it happens, it will be better for the people of the state".

Referring to the interlocutors, he said "I request Interlocutors that there is no need to go to press. You have been placed as a bridge for undertaking political dialogue. Please do it". On efforts for a Kashmir solution, he said it should be acceptable to all sections and regions of the people of the state. "All sections and regions ideologies has to be kept in mind. It will not work if we think the solution should be Jammu, Ladakh or Kashmir centric", he said.

"I always say that the solution should be accepted to most of the people. It cannot be accepted by all (100 percent people) of the state. Such situation could not be created during the Sheikh Abdullah's government and it cannot even be thought of now", he said. Referring to the healing touch policy, he said that 600 families (of the kin of youth who have crossed over to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Pakistan) have given their applications to the state government. "We have processed 25 applications so far in order to facilitate return of the cross-border youth back to their families in J&K," he said.

(Published 23 March 2011, 14:45 IST)

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