M G Hegde quits Congress

M G Hegde quits Congress

Addressing a press meet, he said the entire ‘system’ in the district Congress party is responsible for his extreme decision and said he is firm in his stand and there is no question of backing out, even if he is offered a good post in the party.

“I have been continuously sidelined in the party though I was a loyal party worker for the last 15 years. I was just used as a speaker whenever the party needed and the party leaders have underestimated my capacity,” he said.

Stating that the Congress leaders are responsible for the poor performance of the party in the elections, he said “it was not the BJP which defeated the Congress in the district, but the Congress leaders themselves are responsible for the poor performance of the party. In fact, the Congress was responsible for the growth of the BJP in the district.”

He said after the Zilla Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat elections, none of the leaders have convened a meeting to review the reason for the loss in the election. In a letter written to the KPCC President G Parameshwar.

Hegde had recommended solutions such as collective work, unconditional dedication by the District President, decentralisation of power, strengthening the party at grass root level, united struggle to eradicate ‘saffron’ ideology etc, selecting the candidates on the basis of his merit rather than caste. Along with Hegde, Shashiraj Shetty and S A Majeed too announced their decision to quit the party.