Enough fossil fuels to last for 100 yrs

Enough fossil fuels to last for 100 yrs

There is plenty of conventional fossil fuel resources available globally, which is enough to meet the energy needs of the world for the next 100 years, even if the rate of consumption is doubled, said panelists at the conference on emerging technologies.

The panel comprised Dean of Academic Affairs, NIAS Dilip Ahuja, Executive Director, Centre for Study of Science Technology and Policy Anshu Bhardwaj, General Manager Engineering, Thermax India, G S Deshpande, and Head of Biofuels Research Group at DuPont Knowledge Centre Ranjan Patnaik.

Fossil fuels crunch and steps to reduce emission of green house gases are the two reasons why countries would look for alternatives to fossil fuels, they added.

Use of wind energy, bio-mass and solar energy that are now being considered as alternatives to fossil fuels suffer from severe limitations.

While these are suitable for use on a small scale, hydroelectricity has been fully exploited, said panelists.

A way out of the current situation is either to explore ways to absorb carbon dioxide emitted from power stations or to increase investments in nuclear energy, with a shift in focus from the present fission technologies to fusion process instead, they observed.