Keeping the hats on!

Keeping the hats on!

Summer style

Stylish Caps are great accessories and protect the skin from the sun.

Though hats are worn to protect one from the scorching sun, they are also a great fashion accessory.  Hence, they are always available in a variety of shapes and designs. According to the latest fashion trends, the designers have been bringing out new
varieties of hats.  At the same time, the classic ones too have retained their charm and are in great demand.

Hats and caps are useful in all seasons and the design varies according to the season and the requirements of an individual. During summer, most men go for baseball caps and women prefer bonnet-kind of sun hats. But the vendors feel that the use of hats is not as popular in India as it is in other countries.

“As summer has started, we have replaced our woollen stocks with the summer range of hats and caps,” says Shafi, a vendor. “When helmets were not compulsory for two-wheeler riders, we used to make good business. Now, people care more about their skin and health. So caps with a wide brim are in demand these days. But women still look at them as accessories and give more importance to design,” he adds.

“From golf and tennis to cricket, sportsmen wear a variety of caps. Some, like Harbhajan Singh, are known for their unique caps. I am a badminton player and have more than 10 sports caps. I love to wear a cowboy hat while travelling and have a pair of flat caps which I use while performing for my college band,” says Vidhu, an engineering student.

Apart from providing protection from the sun, the hats help a great extent in hiding unmanageable hair. A stylish hat will also save you on a bad hair day. But at the same time, regular use of hats prevents air circulation to the scalp and may slow down hair growth, say dermatologists.

“There is a misconception among people that wearing a hat will cause hairfall. That is not
completely true,” says Sandhya Arun, a skin expert . “However, long use of tight caps may cause some damage. When one uses a hat, it is good to take it off in between to allow the scalp to get fresh air and prevent the sweat from clogging up the pores,” she adds.