Writers' garden

Writers' garden


It is March, the month of the Leprechaun
They are as amazing as a deer and her fawn.
If you find them with their pot of gold,
They’ll give you as much as your hand could hold!
Leprechaun always start a rainbow
Themselves, and their gold, they must never show
I think this whole idea is hilarious,
But Leprechaun are somewhat mysterious!

Amshumanth Chakragiri
Delhi Public School, Bangalore

A meal of my choice

Burgers and finger chips for breakfast to munch,
Lobsters with sauce for my very fine lunch.
Pizzas for dinner which I would like to eat,
With very little meat!
Fruits in plenty that I will surely relish,
Snacks and soft drinks I do not wish.
Pasta has to be great,
Noodles? I just can’t wait!
All these taste so yummy,
As they make a journey to my tummy!

K Zana Somaya , Std. IV,
Coorg Public School.

God, are you listening?

How Japan was hit by a tsunami
Which almost went up to Miami!
Why this mindless devastation,
With absolutely no human consideration?
Oh God, did you go on casual leave?
Such a tragedy scarcely can we believe!
Pray, no further trauma caused by tsunami
Please remember now that round the corner is,
The festival of Ramnavami!

Abhinava, Sri Vidya
Mandir Educational Society.


My sister is so cute
She’s also very chubby
She does many a naughty thing
Her toys she likes to fling
On her toy telephone, she talks with all her might
She’s playful at night.
She is just one year old now
Her name is Vaidarbhi
I love her so much.

Vaishnavi Badrinath, Std. III,
Sophia High School.