Game for some number crunching?

Game for some number crunching?

I do crazy things like singing loudly in a city bus. Yesterday, I was on a bus on my way to a friend's house. He is a maths whiz and has a nice way of making me understand things.  Naturally, I was happy, and when I'm happy I sing. I didn’t realise I was singing loudly.

Conductor Kondappa gave me such a stare that I almost fell off the one-third of the one-third of the seat that I was sitting on. Well, I had to share it with two very big uncles. Not fair, because I had to buy a full ticket too, since I'm REALLY tall for my age!

I also do crazy things like try to do a sum in my head. Makes me faint! I was wondering how much I actually should be paying for sitting on such a tiny part of a bus seat.

Which means, I had to calculate the fraction...ummm...can you help me please?
My question is, what fraction of the single bus seat was I using? If the ticket cost for one seat is Rs10, how much should I have paid the conductor? Can you find the answers without fainting or falling off your chair?

Let's get into another maze next week. Bye!

Out of the Maze:

One third of a seat means 1 part out of three equally divided parts of a whole seat. One third of one third is written mathematically as 1/3 x 1/3. This is equal to 1/9.
If the seat cost is Rs 10, for 1/9 th of a seat, I should pay 10 x 1/9. That’s 1.11. That's Re.1 and 11 paise.

Short answer; I was sitting on 1/9th of a seat. I should have only paid Re.1 and 11 paise. I much...hmmm rs.8 and 89 paise extra!