This woman survives on a few grapes and tea

This woman survives on a few grapes and tea

Although Sarojabai Biradar, 45, does not eat rice or take regular food, she stays active throughout the day, doing household chores as well as farm work, much to everyone’s amazement.

Her frugal eating habits have made her the centre of attraction, drawing both curious local residents and seers of mutts alike. Some even believe she possesses divine powers and treat her with great respect.

Normal to unique

Sarojabai had normal food habits during her childhood. But a few days after marriage, she started throwing up whenever she ate food, or even drank water.

Numerous visits to doctors proved futile. Dejected, Sarojabai gave up eating. She tried to quench her hunger pangs by eating a few grapes, and the habit became a daily ritual.

Strangely, her eating habit did not affect her health adversely. But moved by her plight, her father Vishwanath approached several doctors, but to no avail. None of the doctors was able to diagnose the problem ailing Sarojabai.

Seer’s assurance

Finally, seer Yallalinga Maharaj of Mugulakhoda consoled Sarojabai’s father and assured him all was well with her.

In addition to her daily work, she also takes active part in various religious activities in the village. Every day, she spends three to four hours in prayers, said Veerabhadrappa Patil, a resident.

Sarojabai, who can be passed off as any other middle-aged woman, is no doubt a wondrous woman, say the residents of Urki.