Talks on for compromise with Grameen's Yunus

Talks on for compromise with Grameen's Yunus

"Various proposals have to be considered to reach an honourable solution to the issue," Muhith said, adding a word of caution for the media, "Don't ruin our effort by digging too much into it", the Daily Star reported Friday.

Yunus, who won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Grameen Bank that he founded three decades ago, was removed from the post of managing director.
He lost his appeal before the high court and has moved the supreme court. A hearing is pending.

Demands for a compromise between Yunus and the government are growing louder in the country.

Among those who have strongly backed Yunus is US assistant secretary for Central Asia and South Asia Robert O. Blake, who was in Bangladesh on a four-day visit and publicly spoke about the issue holding talks with government officials.

Meanwhile, the government said it was preparing to monitor the working of the country's micro-credit programmes.

An official body will probe allegations that non-government organisations distributing small sums of credit to borrowers were charging high interest rates in the name of service charges.

An inter-ministry meeting has been called March 31 to work out measures to stop NGOs from charging high interest "so that poor people do not lose everything in the process", the New Age quoted an official as saying.