Tv Talk

Tv Talk

Comic : ‘Mr Sunshine’Look who’s back!

Star World brings back your favourite ‘friend’ — Mathew Perry — with the launch of its latest show ‘Mr Sunshine’ as part of its ‘Fully Loaded March’ pack. The show goes on air on March 26 at 10 pm and airs every Saturday at the same time.

‘Mr Sunshine’ not only stars but is also co-created by Mathew Perry, who is popularly known as ‘Chandler Bing of Friends’. The Emmy Award winner, who is known for his comic timing, humour and charm is back for the Indian audiences.

You have loved him in the legendary TV show ‘Friends’, and now he will take you on a laugh riot with the launch of this new show. Perry plays Ben Donovan, a 40-year-old sports arena manager who is going through a mid-life crisis, while dealing with the unusual demands of his job and his unpredictable boss.

Close encounters

It unveils various harrowing stories of people who have been viciously attacked by wild animals and how they managed to survive despite the odds and lived to tell the tale.

Tune into this episode and discover how while hiking through Montana’s Glacier National Park, a father and daughter were attacked by a raging bear and how a mother and son were injured by a 400-pound black bear. ‘Human Prey — Killer Bears’ airs on March 27 at 8 pm.

Thrilling : ‘Nikita’Sizzling spy

WB presents ‘Nikita’ every Sunday at 8 pm. Maggie Q is the stunning, kick-butt star in the brand new action-packed series ‘Nikita’. In the title role, Maggie plays a beautiful and deadly government spy and assassin who goes rogue when she discovers that she’s not serving her country like she thought.

Nikita escapes and vows to take down the operation and expose her former bosses. So the thrilling chase is on, as she is hunted by former colleagues who set out to eliminate her by any means necessary.

Life-giving star

The Sun’ is the planet’s nearest star and integral to one’s survival. However, its existence is still a mystery that continues to drive scientific enquiry and ingenuity. The fascinating programme ‘The Sun’, on Discovery Science, takes a journey to the sun, using the latest technology, advances in astronomy and cutting-edge computer generated imagery. Watch as scientists explore its complexities, including its magnetic field and eruption patterns.

Learn how it was born, exists today and finally hear the theory surrounding our planet’s future when the sun finally burns out.  ‘The Sun’ airs on March 26 at 8.30 pm.