Bill to put casinos out of bounds for Goans

Bill to put casinos out of bounds for Goans

“Only those not residing within the state shall be allowed to enter the casinos for the purpose of gambling,” the bill moved by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Manohar Parrikar states.

The bill also seeks to put a blanket ban on advertisements promoting casinos in the state in every media.

“No advertisements of casinos anywhere in the state in the print media, electronic media or by any other audio and visual means shall be allowed,” it states.

Backing his bill, while introducing it Friday, Parrikar said casinos were ruining the fabric of society in Goa and large number of youths were falling prey to the perilous charms of gambling.

“The number of resident Goans, including those below the age of 21, are frequently visiting casinos to gamble. This is destroying the social fabric of the state. This amendment will prevent locals, specially youth, from getting involved in gambling activities,” Parrikar said, adding that a ban on attractive ads promoting casinos would also help keep locals away from gambling centres.

Goa has over a dozen onshore casinos located in five-star resorts spread across the state, as well as seven offshore casinos onboard large boats. The casino industry has often in the past been in conflict with groups vowing to protect the cultural ethos and morality of the state.