Get a grip!

Get a grip!

Fashion Fix

Statement cuffs, they say, are going to re-emerge as the ‘it thing’. Imposing, elegant and chic, they are a sensual mix of armour and adornment. Whether stacked or entwined in elegant layers or worn as a bold single statement, they add oodles of style to one’s look.

Cuffs emphasise the slenderness of the wrist and the ones in gold flatter the skin, creating a sense of  decadence. Fashionistas agree that cuffs are unbeatable at adding that hint of instant glamour — the  accessory equivalent of a bold, red lipstick.

Cuffs are also a classic example of workmanship and combine various elements to create a very individualistic style statement. They are an excellent match for a stunning evening gown or even a favourite pair of skinny jeans.

Handcrafted cuffs with unusual textures in gold and enamel finish with semi-precious stones can instantly make you look sophisticated. Gold cuffs are available in a wide array of designs.  Men, don’t you wish you could get on board!