Go formal

Florsheim’s latest collection of men’s formal footwear has been designed in black leather. The collection offers features likes shock absorption, anti-bacterial and breathable soles, protective heel strike and comfort technology. The Florsheim Formal Wear range has four styles and is priced at Rs 3,695  a pair. The new range is available at exclusive Florsheim stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Skin care

The tonic mist is a combination of 5 different flower extracts — rose, bela, marigold, kevda and saffron. It is priced at Rs 750. Panchpushp Replenishing Facial Gel, the 50 gm-bottle, is priced at Rs 975.

The gel is made of aloe vera and the distilled water of rose, jasmine, saffron, marigold and kevda. Both the products are available at exclusive Forest Essentials boutiques in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Vintage glam for your wardrobe

Esprit launches a ‘Vintage Glam’ collection of clothes, drawing inspiration from the best of yesteryear fashion. Esprit Women’s Casuals offers knee-length skirts, floral tops, leather jackets in natural tones such as beige, grey, warm brown and khaki or rust-red.

Esprit Men’s Casuals plays on rugby-style elements from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Choose from  striped blazers, knitted jackets, Oxford shirts, vintage denim jeans, plaid or striped blazers. The summer colour palette remains basic yet bright with blues, reds and whites. The Esprit Vintage collection starts from Rs 590.

Energy booster

Britannia Industries presents Vita Marie Gold, a tea-time biscuit that is light and tasty. The low-fat, cholesterol-free biscuits are made of 58 per cent cereal, milk protein and 10 essential vitamins, according to a company press note.

Britannia Vita Marie Gold is available across the country and is priced at Rs 15 for a 140-gm pack and Rs 8 for a smaller, pocket pack.