The tale of adventure enthusiasts

The tale of adventure enthusiasts

There were about fifteen participants in the course as the course was conducted by the ex-serviceman so there was little bit of military obedience in the program, after the culmination of the classes we interacted with other participants who had come different states like, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, J & K, Jharkhand, Karnataka, New Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

The theory classes consist of various chapters such as Introduction to parachuting, Ground Training like Para Landing Rolls, Basic safety requirements, Introduction and Familiarisation with a parachute and their function, Fit chute and parachute kitting, Checking, adjustments and wearing of a parachute with comfort and convenience, Design, construction and flying characteristics of a ram-air parachute, Packing demonstration and opening sequence of a parachute, Introduction and utilisation of parachuting aids, Aircraft procedures with commands and signals, Exit procedures, Flying and handling a parachute, Identification of drop zone from the air, Understanding wind speed and Wind Directions, Flying the parachute - Circuit pattern, Landing procedures with Para landing falls, Handling of parachute on landing Collection & carrying of Parachute, Operation and utility of Automatic Activation Device and Emergency procedures are taught to the sky diver trainees.

After completion of the training syllabus a written and physical test is conducted before allowing a trainee to jump from the aircraft.

The test is to confirm that the trainee has understood all concepts and is competent to handle the parachute jump independently.

Deepak D S Solanki and Suraj R Krishnam wore the parachute, helmet and tied the altimeter on the wrist and before they started moving to the aircraft all the parameter of the parachute were checked by Jump Master Wg Cdr (Rtd) Palit and he certified the sky divers.

Both of them with the jump master Surya Prakash, sat in the aircraft and they took off from where  the topography of the air strip or drop zone was shown to them. The aerial view looked so small and mesmerising, that moments will remain etched in his life says Solanki.

After reaching a height of   5000-6000 feet height the aircraft comes on the target and the jump master connects the static line to the hook in the aircraft and he asks us to take the position with one leg on the foot of the right wing and other leg on the edge of the exit door.

 Without a small hesitation of what is next we dive one after the other in the air and perform the counts by that time parachute gets opened with slider sliding down and making the sound signals that the parachute is open. 

Believe it or not I made three topples in the air and felt so happy doing the stunts, still the moments are in front of my eyes says Solanki and Suraj's jump as spider man did spiral in air which is worth emulating the experience.

After soaring in the air for more than 7-8 minutes I was nearing 1200 feet I came on the target did the drill of cross wind, down wind, base leg and final leg and landed in Drop Zone with out even dusting the cloths.

- D S D Solanki, Public Relation of International Academy of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (IAMAS)