He notes unique currency

He notes unique currency

Speaking to City Herald, Mohan Nayak says that he had the craze of collecting money since his childhood. “I used to collect rare coins earlier. About 10 years ago, I noticed some weird number combinations in the currency note series and since then I have been into this hobby,” he adds.

Nayak has unique number combinations such as 200200, 010101, 200000, 107107, 010010, 393393, 211210, 211211 and several others on currency notes that range from Rs 1 to Rs 100.

He also has a set of 10 notes of Rs 10 having a continuous series combination from 100001 to 100010. This is one of his most priced collections and he has laminated these notes.

Apart from that, Nayak has an Rs 100 note 786786, Rs 10 note 000786 and Rs 5 note bearing the same combination.

“Number 786 is very auspicious for Muslims. I have been very lucky to get currency notes with this combination,” he adds. He also has a note bearing James Bond number 000007.
“I am very passionate about my collection. I check each and every note I have in detail. I also have ‘ulta-pulta’ combinations such as 024420 and combinations in reverse order like 020304 and 040302,” he says.

Collecting rare combinations is definitely a unique hobby but it can also put you in financial constraints as you block the money by not spending it. “One such financial constraint forced me to sell my album to my friend, but I started it all over again and I have more than 300 notes at present,” says Nayak.

“I have not joined any hobby club nor do I buy currency notes from other people by paying more. I only collect by noticing the combinations in whichever currency notes I get. I have never gone to a bank asking for any combinations,” says Nayak and adds that it is more fun when one discovers a note than goes searching or buys them. You should take pains in maintaining a hobby, it has its own thrill, he says.

Some of my friends who know my hobby keep currency notes with rare combinations for me and some have been influenced by my hobby and have started their own collection, says Nayak.

One of the most unique currency note possessed by Nayak is an Rs 50 which has the Indian flag missing on the parliament building. Nayak claims that the note is original and is amused about the error.

Nayak also has a collection of old Indian coins, old notes and even foreign currencies. He has several Indian currency notes which are not printed today. “Whenever I find a unique note, I feel very happy,” he says. “Such collection has a huge value in the market, but I am not interested to sell my albums,” says Nayak.

Apart from collecting notes, Nayak is a passionate gardener who grafts hibiscus plants. He is a marketing executive for Ayurvedic medicine and is an employee of Karnataka Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Yogish Bhat, whom Mohan regards a lot.