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Ashoka the great

Wytze Keuning, translated by J E Steur

Rupa, 2011, pp 1058, Rs. 995

This book chronicles the life of Emperor Ashoka and the history of personal influences upon him that marked his rule and legacy.

The All Bengali crime detective

Suparna Chatterjee

Rupa, 2011, pp 180, Rs.150

In a middle-class Calcutta neighbourhood, the lives of four recently retired men take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a crime and become detectives.

Murder in San felice

Chandralekha Mehta

Zubaan, 2011, pp 172,Rs. 295

Set in San Felice in Latin America, this novel is a cocktail of biting social satire and tightly plotted murder mystery.

India’s Parliamentary Democracy on Trial

Madhav Godbole

Rupa, 2011, pp 419,Rs. 595

This book takes a close look at the experiences of Western democracies on issues relevant to India and suggests reforms to improve the functioning of the Indian Parliament.

Mafia queens of Mumbai

S Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges

Tranquebar, 2011, pp 290,Rs. 250

From assassins to molls, this is a collection that tells the stories of women who have become legends in Mumbai’s streets, lanes and back-alleys.

Billy Arjan Singh: Tiger of Dudhwa

Shaminder Boparai

Harper Collins, 2011, pp 199, Rs. 799

This pictorial biography is a tribute to Billy Arjan Singh, who was one of the pioneers of tiger conservation in India

Empires apart: America and Russia from the vikings to Iraq

Brian Landers

Penguin, 2011, pp 604, Rs. 499

This book presents a comparative analysis of American and Russian Imperialist history.

A doctor to defend: the binayak sen story

Minnie Vaid

Rajpal and Sons, 2011, pp 242,Rs. 350

This is the story of a man who has the courage to fight the might of the State for what he believes is right and just.

Googled: the end of world as we know it

Ken Auletta

Penguin, 2010, pp 418,Rs. 399

This is the definitive work on a company that has achieved a near-perfect fusion of business and technology.

Indomitable spirit

A P J Abdul Kalam

Rajpal and Sons, 2010, pp 254,Rs. 195

This book captures the reflections of the author on human, national and global concerns.