'Stop fishing endangered sea creatures'

'Stop fishing endangered sea creatures'

IGP Western Range Alok Mohan, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) K S N Chikkerur, Commissioner of Police Seemanth Kumar Singh, SP Subramanyeshwara Rao, interacting with the fishermen and the officials at a seminar on ‘Protecting the endangered sea creatures’ at NMPT Guest house on Saturday.

Interacting with the fishermen and the officials at a seminar on ‘Protecting the endangered sea creatures’ at NMPT Guest house on Saturday, the ADGP asked the fishermen to restrict themselves from catching and selling the endangered fishes.

Information will be given to the fishermen about the endangered fishes and other sea creatures so that an awareness can be brought among the fishermen, he said. The endangered species must be protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, violation of which would result in imprisonment for up to seven years and penalty up to Rs 25,000.

When a fisherman asked him what should be done if a fish belonging to endangered category is found dead in the net, Chikkerur outrightly asked the fishermen to drop the fish back to the sea. “If one fisherman sells the endangered fish citing a reason like it was already dead, then everyone will take it as an advantage to catch those fishes,” he informed.

Speaking to ADGP, another fisherman claimed that more than the fishermen, it is the industries which cause harm to the fishes. “We might catch them once in a while, but the industrial wastes discharged into the sea harms the life of several fishes,” he said. Responding to the fisherman’s allegation, ADGP said the matter will be looked after by the district police.

CID SP (Forest) K R Anvekar asked the fishermen to file complaint with the forest police if they confront outsiders involved in catching endangered fishes.

 “Capture the photos, videos, submit the document and file the complaint. We will seize their boats,” he assured.

‘Endangered sea creatures’

Saw fish, Giant Grouper, Dolphins, Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Dugong, Pondicherry Shark, Green Saw fish, Indian Nose, Bottle Nose, Black Coral, Green Sea Turtle, Logger Turtle and Leathery Turtle among others are some of the endangered fishes.