Getting ready for the real thing

Getting ready for the real thing


Upbeat: Participants of the fest.

This inter-collegiate national level management fest, woven around the theme of ‘The Rise Of Nations’, attracted more than 30 colleges to participate in over 35 events.

This was quite unlike the usual management fest. The events were structured in such a way that it did well to delve into the practical aspects of the market. “We have incorporated the business plan, a crucial aspect of business management in this year’s fest. The thrust is on giving the students a taste of what it is like when they actually enter the market,” said Aloysius Edward, convenor of the fest. 

Among the various events at the fest were the finance event, wherein the participants had to harness power to build a nation of wealth. The marketing event delved into the many aspects of marketing and strategy. The ‘IT and Operations’ event also encouraged students to use technology to increase wealth. The quiz did well to test the student’s knowledge in technology, business and philosophy. The business plan challenged the students to deliver their best to survive in a competitive atmosphere.  The students seemed excited about the many events. Some of them said they participated in the same events year and some others said they were excited with the newly incorporated events.

“The real challenge is in chalking and planning out the many events. We plan an event or even a presentation and get the approval of faculty before we actually put it out. Events like these ready you for the real world,” said Sunitha Sabarinath, second year HR and finance student of Kristu Jayanti College. Soman S Diggewadi of Sambhram Academy of Management  said he found ‘Buzz Manager’ and quiz the most interesting. “There are a few events that I look forward to when I come to participate at college events. There’s a bit of everything learning, fun and creativity,” he said.

Mallika from Dayananda Sagar said, “we come unprepared and go raw for every event. It is structured in such a way that it really tests your skills in business and management,” she observes. Neha, a first year MBA student of Indian Business Academy, said, “I have participated in as many events as possible. It’s tough but it’s gets you ready for the real world and events like these boost your confidence,” she sums up.