A sense of belonging

A sense of belonging


United: Students of Sri Aurobindo First Grade College.

Alth­ough they have a small campus, the students have a spirit that goes beyond the walls of the college. The corridors and classrooms are their favourite hangouts inside the college.

“Although the college is small, the environment is very homely and the teachers treat us like we are their own children. We share everything with them without any inhibitions and they always stand by us and give us immense support in whatever we do,” says Divyashree S P, a BBM student.  So where do the students hang out inside their college? “The college has a huge terrace and that’s where most of us hang out. Apart from that, the classrooms and corridors are a favourite among students too.” Their favourite hangout outside college are the malls and restaurants in the

“We usually go to Malles­waram and Mantri Mall for shopping and eating out. The nearest place is Rajajinagar where we shop on the roadside,” says Deepika C A.  Ask the students what they do in their free time and they say, “We usually go to the staff room and talk to teachers as they are really friendly and nice to us. Sometimes we also go out for lunch or have a small snack in the canteen. It’s a golden opportunity for us because we rarely get to go out for lunch with teachers,” says Vidya R, a first year B Com student.

The students also go on excursions. “The college takes us on a number of educational tours, industrial visits and excursions. This time around, we are going to places in and around Mangalore. The teachers will also be accompanying us. For the final year students, this will be the last college trip. So it will be a lot of fun and give us many memories to cherish,” says Savitha, a final year B Com student.

Ask them who is their favourite teacher and they reply in chorus, “All our teachers are very supportive and encourage us to take part in extra-curricular activities. Their unstinted support has nurtured our talents and helped us enhance and expand them better.”  Lastly, the students say that their college is a home away from home.

“Whenever I think of passing out of this college, my eyes turn moist. The bonding and attachment we have developed over a span of time with our teachers in this college is something that goes beyond words and emotions,” sums up Shilpa.