Exploring a sensitive issue

Exploring a sensitive issue

Tales untold

Graceful: Maja Drobac

It was a great combination of dance and photography. The performers used traditional dance forms to convey contemporary themes and issues. A photography-dance project titled ‘Silent Killer’ was presented in the City last week by  Maja Drobac, a dancer and choreographer and Srikanth Kolari, a photographer.

The duo who have worked among children with HIV/AIDS across India decided to put their experiences in theatrical form. ‘Silent Killer’, a theatrical performance was staged with a multi media presentation in the backdrop. The interesting aspect of the presentation was the performer’s ability to use traditional dance forms like Bharatanatyam, in a different manner to create a refreshingly new aspect of visual performance. It stressed on the plight of HIV positive kids.

The theatrical piece, described the story of a 15-year-old child affected with HIV/AIDS and talks about the various emotions she experiences when she sets out to meet her father, who had abandoned her when he learnt that she was affected by the dreaded virus. Maja did well to portray various emotions such as fear and anger.

Talking about the presentation, Maja said, “Children affected by HIV/AIDS across India are not dying because of AIDS but because of the social stigma attached to them. This project is initiated only with the aim of helping them. This is the only medium through which I know how to communicate the problem and I have chosen it to educate people about AIDS. I want to spread awareness which will hopefully help these kids survive for a longer time. Any money we get through tickets will directly go to the children.” The multimedia presentation also included Srikanth’s black and white photographs of children affected with HIV/AIDS. It also had a small narrative describing their tale.

 The pictures captured the need for anonymity among the kids due to the ill-treatment they received from the society. 

The photographer did well to protect the identity of the children as well as their guardians.