Afridi's brother stopped at Wagah border

Afridi's brother stopped at Wagah border

Mushtaq, himself a first class cricketer and dashing batsman like his brother, was stopped at the Wagah border by the authorities here as he did not have proper documentation for his match-ticket.

"It is not a big issue. I had the copy of the ticket from the internet but the authorities wanted to see the hard copy. It is being sorted out now," Mushtaq said.

"I am confident that I will be able to reach my destination by tonight," he said. Sources said that Mushtaq had contacted his brother in Mohali for assistance and the matter was now being sorted out.

"Shahid (Afridi) is taking care of things. Because of the high demand for tickets and the expected rush for the semi-final, the authorities are obviously taking no chances and wanted to see the hard copy of the ticket," one source said.

Mushtaq said he was going to Mohali by road as he did not want to miss the big match.
"I am praying for a Pakistan victory but I know this is going to be one hell of a match," he said.