Women are protectors of culture, says T N Prabhakar

Women are protectors of culture, says T N Prabhakar

Seminar on Women empowerment and its effect on Economy held

inauguration: T N Prabhakar, Joint Director, Department of Collegiate Education inaugurates a national seminar on women empowerment, in Hassan on Monday. Sunitha, D G Krishnegowda, City Municipal President C R Shankar and others are seen. dh photo

Speaking at a two-day national seminar on ‘Women empowerment and its effect on Economy’ held here, he said women are not just seen as only fair gender but has been seen as the protectors of culture and tradition. The programme was sponsored by UGC at Government Arts College.

He said it was only the intelligence and talent of a person that counts and not the gender. Opposing gender disparity, Prabhakar said the mythological scriptures and the vedas had projected women as superior power than men.

They had been considered as the saviours of dharma, he added.

Women empowerment has gained momentum in the recent days and it had become a necessity to strengthen their position in the society.

He also expressed that the word empowerment had been misconstrued only for financial stability of women. “Men is not a competitor for women, and it is joint force that is necessary to run the family or the society”, he opined.

Lecturer D S Lalitha Devi, who delivered the key-note address, said that more and more women should come forward to venture into the fields which are considered to be the forte of men.

Freedom should not become a dangerous weapon on the hands of women, and it has to be used in caution. The feminists’ debate that the family system is the main reason for their exploitation is not acceptable, she said.

The happy family can become a reason to make or break society, she opined. City Municipal Council President C R Shankar was the chief guest. Prof J Devakumari presided. D G Krishnegowda and others were present.