Entering a brave new world

Entering a brave new world


DECISIVE Board exams are a turning point in the life of youngsters.

As the tenth board exams draw to an end, students are geared up for a long break and preparing for their next step.

There is excitement and anxiety at the thought of leaving school and heading towards college.

The added responsibility of entering an important phase in their lives has already started taunting many of them but each one of them are ready to face this phase with a much confidence.

 Be it continuing in their own school or applying to colleges, the tenth graders leave no stone unturned before they take their final decision.

Metrolife asked a cross section of students, who have just completed their tenth standard exams, on the factors they look into before applying to an institution.

With so many colleges in the City, the choice is ample but students narrow down their choice by selecting only those which fulfill their criterion.

One of the main factors that many are looking at is the reputation of the college.
 Many students are forming their opinion after hearing about the college from someone or reading about it on the Internet.

There are also those who bank on their parents’ advice as well. “I really had no clue what exactly I wanted to do after my board exams. That’s when my father suggested that I take up science and also get trained for my IIT. We found this place that offers both and I believe this will be the right choice for me,” says Agney, a student.

Getting the right combination of subjects is also an important factor.
Sandhya, a student, says that while each college offers the basic science, arts and commerce combination of subjects, there are a few colleges and schools that provide interesting subjects like physical education or psychology which interests her.

For Jasmeet, who plans to join an international school, it’s important to select an institution that provides ample opportunity for her to showcase her talents both inside and outside class.

“I picked an institution that will not only help my resume look good but also keep my overall interest in mind. I had heard a lot about this school and how well trained the teachers are. Moreover, the school provides many opportunities like student exchange programmes which would only help me get more exposure,” she adds.

Despite having to move to San Francisco, Tara also feels that it is important to keep one’s best interest in mind before applying.

“I will definitely be looking for a university that encourages extra-curricular activities like drama, dancing and so on. As far as the academics go, I would take up subjects that I am comfortable with. I had learnt economics in school and I think I would pursue that,” she adds.

So what happens after they shortlist their options? “I’ll wait for the results to come out and complete the admission process. Till then I hope to enjoy whatever little time I have left before college starts,” signs off Aravind, a student.