Of a man and his life

Of a man and his life

Engrossing moments

Skilled: Anupam Kher

There’s never a dull moment when Anupam Kher is around. Whether it’s on the stage or on the big screen, the man is full of life and ensures that those around him too have a good time.

Anupam entranced Bangaloreans with his brilliant performance in an autobiographical play Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai, staged at Chowdiah Memorial Hall in the City last week. It was directed by Feroz Khan and presented by the India Foundation for Arts.

Anupam’s entry was something the audience will remember for a long time. The actor walked through the entire length of the auditorium and made conversation with those around him.

Those in the audience were more than delighted and didn’t lose a chance to talk, shake hands and interact with him.

The play, that had anecdotes from his own life, took the audience on a roller coaster ride.
Those in the audience were found laughing at some instances and shedding a silent tear during the play.

The narrative, beginning from his birth in a hospital in Shimla where he was christened ‘Bittoo’(nick name), goes on to describe various instances in his life.

The hilarious description of his first play, where he was thrown off the stage into the arms of the audience by Nandu, a classmate altering the end of the ‘Pritviraj  Chauhan’ play, took the audience back to their own childhood and the small mishaps that took place then.

He soon went on to talk about his first crush, his first kiss, his dreams, aspirations and his stint with the National School of Drama.

A constant reference during the play was his friend Vijay Sehgal,  who lent him immense support in troubled times and always found a mention during a crisis in his life.

The second half of the play, focussing more on his career in films, was a window to how things worked in the film industry.

His disappointment in not bagging a role in the film ‘Gandhi’, masked in sarcastic humour was wonderfully portrayed.

He also remembered Mahesh Bhatt during the play. The play ended on a positive note with hope as the underlying message.

The story of his life brought out on stage, spoke of how one’s life is never how one conceives it to be and it is the unpredictability that makes life a truly fascinating journey.
Kunal Vaswani from the audience said, “It is an honour to be here and watch Anupam Kher. It’s entirely a one man show and it wasn’t an easy task to hold the audience attention for so long.”