Radiation from Japan n-plant reaches Britain

Radiation from Japan n-plant reaches Britain

The radiation was, however, "extremely low" and the Scottish government said there was no threat to public health, Sky News reported.

Traces of radioactive iodine 131 were picked up by an air sampler in the city, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said, adding that the value of the sample was low and similar to those detected in other European countries like Iceland and Switzerland.

James Gemmill, the radioactive substances manager of the agency, said: "The concentration of iodine detected is not of concern for the public or the environment."

Britain is now collecting samples from 92 monitoring sites around the country. Air samples are checked every hour and the data is then checked by the Met Office in London for any abnormal radiation readings.

Three reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant blew up after the March 11 earthquake while a fourth reactor caught fire.