The FriendMail connects you to Facebook using email. You can use any email address to update your Facebook status, post on a friend's wall, share photos, receive your news feed, and even "like" and comment on posts. The FriendMail's notifications can help to keep up with your friends by automatically sending your news feed and alerts for birthdays. You can even manage Facebook pages from your inbox by receiving comment notifications and using email to post new content on your wall. It's akin to having a full-featured Facebook application built into your email inbox. Among its other features are - reply and "like" using email, get notified for any wall post, photo, or album posted, nothing to download or install, and optimised for mobile devices too.

TheFriendMail is designed to work with all email clients and providers - Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Signing up for TheFriendMail is simple. Just connect your Facebook account, select the email you want to use, and you are ready to go. You can sign up for FriendMail, for free, at http://thefriendmail.com/.


MiniTube is a desktop based dedicated YouTube Player. Initially released for Linux and Mac OS, it is now available for Windows as well. MiniTube scores over other YouTube players by letting the users stream videos without having Adobe Flash player on their PC. This helps to get rid of using memory hog of an internet browser which has an integrated Flash player to stream YouTube videos. MiniTube lets users to download and stream YouTube videos in any of the available video formats. The main features of MiniTube include: Options to switch between video qualities in real-time, downloading videos in the format of user's choice, download of YouTube video playlists, a simple user interface, and an option to search YouTube videos or channels - just key-in the search keyword the top most search result automatically starts getting streamed and played.  The main toolbar of the MiniTube holds options like playback modes and download settings. Users can play/pause or skip the video streaming, turn on/off the full-screen mode and download any video in a quality they like. MiniTube runs on all the Windows versions including XP/Vista and Windows Vista. You can download it at http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube


Over a priod of time computer’s hard drive gets filled up with a lot of photos, thumbnails, expired backups, temporary files, videos, torrents, movies or others. A  free program for Windows, MAC OSX or Linux, JDiskReport can be used to run a thorough scan of your computer’s hard drive and filter out the folders and file types which are gobbling up hard drive space. You can choose either to run a complete scan of all the hard drives or only specific folders e.g “My Documents”, “Downloads” and others. JDiskReport can create different pie charts too to represent the files and folders which are consuming quite a bit of space on the system drive. You can download JDiskReport, a free program for Windows, MAC OSX or Linux w at http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/jdiskreport/