Brazil allay FIFA fears

Brazil allay FIFA fears

“I’m going to invite the president of FIFA to come to Brazil to learn the details of the country’s preparations,” Brazil's Sports minister Orlando Silva said. “I’m convinced he’ll be reassured that Brazil will stage a very good World Cup,” he told a news conference in Sao Paulo.

Blatter told reporters earlier on Monday that “things are not advancing very quickly”. “I would like to tell my Brazilian colleagues about the 2014 World Cup, it’s tomorrow, the Brazilians think it’s just the day after tomorrow,” Blatter said.

Silva responded: “We have 10 of the 12 stadiums with work going full steam, we’re confident the majority of the stadiums will be handed to FIFA within the deadline agreed upon.

“Sao Paulo deserves attention because it’s the city which many want to hold the inauguration (of the tournament),” Silva said of Brazil’s biggest metropolis which has been earmarked for the opening match.

“I understand FIFA’s worry and anxiety. We mustn’t argue with FIFA, we must work to make sure we get as close (as possible) to complying with the time frame.”