Unofficial 'day off' at colleges and industries

Unofficial 'day off' at colleges and industries

India Vs Pakistan

Friends and families will stock well on snacks, cool/hot drinks and food, and offices with television will almost come to a standstill, as far as work is concerned. Reason: the much famous match between India and Pakistan.

While there are undeclared half-day or full day holiday in colleges, SSLC students are caught in between excitement of the match and anxiety of final exams. Families have taken it easy. Some industries too, will have lean production time, or close during second half of the day, owing to the most popular match.

Even experts have long declared that the match between two countries — India and Pakistan, is a good full step away from finals.

Yet, it is going to be the most exciting thing cricket in the recent times. And, this match may command equal or more TRP as against the final match itself which will decide who will take home the cup.

 With Cricket assuming the role of a religion in the country,  nobody wants to miss the fun!
“During times such as a bundh or something that forces us to keep off work, we do create extra shifts to keep pace with the production. I have heard some small scale industries did four hours on Sunday, so that their workers can have post-lunch session off on Wednesday to watch the match,” said Suresh Kumar Jain, Chairperson of Mysore District Industrialists Association.

Some of the small scale industries in Yadavgiri, not willing to suffer a loss, worked four hours on Sunday, so that they could close on Wednesday noon. “This way, it is a win-win situation. We don’t suffer a loss this way and workers also remain in good terms,” said an industrialist, requesting anonymity.