'Understand subject for creation of good literature'

'Understand subject for creation of good literature'

Sahithya Sammelan chief Dr Padmashekar speaks her heart

Dr Padmashekhar

The sammelan will be held on March 30 and 31. In an interview with Deccan Herald, she spoke on the growth of Kannada language, literature, need for conserving land and water in Kodagu.

* How do you feel being elected as the president of Sahithya Sammelan?

I felt happy. In spite of having worked in the literary field for long, I had to wait for so long to get the love of the people of my land.

* What do you feel on the growth of literary activities in Kodagu?

It is not satisfactory. Kodagu district has failed to get a permanent position to get interest in literature and reading habit.
All the written documents are not literature. Better understanding of a subject is essential for the creation of a good literature. Such a good literature has not been created in Kodagu so far.

* What is your opinion on the growth of literature in Kodagu?

Literature is a continuous process. The children should be made to develop interest in literature from childhood.

* In the backdrop of increase in love for English, how far Kannada sahithya sammelan have helped in the growth of the language?

More and more Kannada literary meets should be organised in border areas. The sammelan should be held in those places wherever the language has been affected. There is a need to create an awareness on Kannada. The fact that Kannadigas are liberal and not cowards should be made known to the people through such meets. We all should believe in unity. The united Karnataka was created due to the struggle by our forefathers. No one should come in the way of the unity of the state.

* Do you feel that Kannada has not developed in Kodagu owing to the British rule and migrants from outside the State?

Kodagu is a land with multi-culture. Kannada has not been affected in the land. Kannada language can digest any challenges.

The Kannada speaking people in Kodagu have not declined. Though people from Kerala have settled down in Kodagu, there was no strife between the languages. However, now we are worried over Kodagu property. Kodagu land and Cauvery river is the lifeline of the district. If our land is sold to the outsiders, then we may lose our relation with the land. Now the land and Cauvery has become a property. If this situation continues, what can we save for our future generation? What will happen to the primitives?

* How did you develop interest in Jain literature?

Kuvempu’s ‘Chitrangada’ motivated me to study Kannada. All the girls should read it. By reading Pampa, Ranna, I developed interest in Jain literature. In fact, even my research topic was on Jain literature.