Take the heat off anger

Take the heat off anger

But when the actual moment comes, all the resolutions are swept away by the tornado of anger and we helplessly succumb to its powerful outburst.

Apart from being embarrassed by our own insane rage, and the harm it does to our relationships and work, anger's physical side-effects  are  alarming. In one study of almost 13,000 subjects, individuals with the highest levels of anger had twice the risk of coronary artery disease and three times the risk of heart attack, as compared to the subjects with the lowest levels of anger.

However, I feel that anger as an energy has not been studied scientifically, only the results of anger have been observed.  
Most of the management programmes teach techniques to control anger, which they call 'management'! But controlling anger is giving it more power. Controlled anger enters the unconscious mind, draws strength from other  negative emotions and waits like a predator to erupt at the right time.

Meditators think, anger is a hindrance, a barrier in becoming peaceful. So they try to divert their attention by counting ten and other such feeble attempts. This doesn't work either.

What Osho has proposed is an extremely original approach to  anger with a scientific attitude. The first and the foremost thing is  to look upon anger as an energy; do not label it as good nor bad, it is neutral.

Anger has two features : heat and the light. Usually we only experience the heat of anger and do not know that it can be converted into light. Osho gives a method by which we can transform the heat of anger into light.

When you think anger is coming to you, close your eyes and meditate on what anger is. Dig deep inside and find out the source from where it is coming. At that point your body may want to take the restlessness out, may be jump up and down, so do it. You can dance your anger, you can sing your anger. Cooperate with the body. It will be a wonderful release.

What you are doing ordinarily is just the opposite. When you get angry you begin to think about the object of anger. You think about the person who has triggered it, and not about the source of anger.

The source is inside you. Go deep, and you will come to the source of heat from where the accumulated energy is bursting forth.

Your watchfulness affects the heat and it is transformed into light. It moves to the periphery of your body as light. It becomes an inner light.