Bollywood stars descend on Mohali for showdown

Last Updated 30 March 2011, 07:51 IST

Here's what they said on Twitter:

Vivek Oberoi: Just landed in Mohali. I've never seen so many aircrafts waiting to land on one small airstrip! India all the wayyyyyyy!!! The excitement and mania around this match is incredible! Thank god, the weather has cleared up, it's a bright and sunny day in Mohali! Billion indian hearts beating for 11 boys in blue to make india proud! Mohali!
Dino Morea:  Flight to chandigarh packed with blues, people screaming, great energy. Chatter is interesting, everyone has an opinion on how india should play. Mad security, and great energy in Mohali.

Sidhartha Mallya:  Just landed in Chandigarh...don't think I've ever been so excited in my life about anything!!

Manav Gangwani: Anxious. Flying to Mohali @ 8a.m.! Unable to sleep! Never been so excited for any match! It's apparently pouring in Mohali! It's gonna be INSANITY!
There are some who are cheering for team India despite having work.

For instance, Shah Rukh has invited friends over to his place in Mumbai to watch the match, a source said.

Others too are rooting for India:
Siddharth: Good moooooorning! world cup semi-final! Ind vs Pak! If you're working, my condolences! Not to rub it in, but I'm not!!;) Go India goooo! A thought for (Saurabh) Ganguly, (Rahul) Dravid & (Anil) Kumble. This is as much their semifinal as any of the players, according to me :) These three along with Sachin (Tendulkar), made this Indian team what it is today. So for Sachin and for all of team india, a big hurrah!!!
Sonakshi Sinha: MATCH DAY!!! Good luck to both the teams. Show us your best sides.

Give us a great match!
Manoj Bajpayee: Chak de phatte! good luck to the indian team!

Atul Kulkarni:  Rajnikant was challenged to 'intoxicate' the entire nation for four days. He just arranged a Indo-Pak cricket match........ hmmmm..........

Arshad Warsi: Unfortunately I'll miss the match as I'll be in air when the match is on... My gut feel is that India is winning... Yaaaaaaa

Divya Dutta: I guess no one will have anything to talk about except cirket..hehe...sadkein khaali, no work. no meetings..hai shabaashe..god bless team india!

Sujoy Ghosh: I don't understand cricket much.. but I'm sure india will win today. Ours is the most kickass country ever, she'll win anything.

Pritish Nandy: I was wrong. Not all of India will seek sick leave today. 60% have already applied for casual leave. Was told that no one has applied for leave today. Felt very proud of PNC till I heard there is a circular out that anyone can go post 1 p.m.

Kunal Kohli: Landed in Chandigarh, great weather. No rain. Ready for the match of the century.

Priyanka Chopra: Go Indiiiiiiaaaaa. On the sets of 'Agneepath'.... Shooting till late evening. Gonna be glued to the TV every chance I get!!! Full excitement! We got your back boys.... A billion + prayers and wishes. Just do what you do best....Make us proud! Jai Hind!

Kailash Kher:  Whole country is at stand still everyone is glued to Mohali or TV set.. This semifinal is really happening.. Boys rock it. Go India Go!

(Published 30 March 2011, 07:51 IST)

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